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Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe]

Framed OG Floor Vent [Luxe]

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The original "OG" minimalist framed floor vent. You can easily customize it with any surface material, making it a user-friendly DIY option that can be installed at your convenience. This model is available in both supply vent and larger air return sizes.


  • Retrofit Capability for Existing Surfaces.
  • Compatibility with Various Surface Materials: Suitable for hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, and drywall, as long as the material is thinner than ⅞”.
  • Air Flow Control: Offers complete control over air flow; simply slide the tray to access air flow dampers at any time.
  • Child Safety: Designed to prevent items dropped by children from entering the ducts.
  • Pet-Friendly: Features a flat design with no crevices or grilles to prevent our furry friends from getting caught.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Easily slide and remove the tray for straightforward duct cleaning.
  • Weight Capacity: If the vent is placed in a high traffic area, it is recommended to install the Framed Floor Vent [Lite] instead.
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Fantastic service same day. Granted I live near them but still they hand delivered. Thank you