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Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe]

Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe]

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An ultra-minimal, versatile solution that fits all fireplaces. It can be installed as a mud-in drywall vent or used in reverse as a flushmount vent, allowing for customization with any surrounding surface material.


  • Features a reversible center tray, providing versatility for the Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] to function as either a flushmount (installed on the substrate) or mud-in (installed on drywall) vent.
  • Boasts a sleek and minimalist design, ensuring the Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe] seamlessly blends into its surroundings.
  • Compatible with a range of surfaces, including wood, stone, tile, and drywall. Refer to the installation guide for various installation methods.
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