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Flush Device Mount [Luxe]

Flush Device Mount [Luxe]

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The 8x8 model stands out for its dual functionality as an electrical device mount. It features pre-drilled holes for securely attaching an octagonal junction box, suitable for wired smoke detectors, wireless access points, and potentially even lighting fixtures. It is advisable to leave the cover off when employing a smoke detector to ensure it operates without interference, as we strongly recommend for optimal effectiveness.


  • Achieves a Seamless Flush Look with Mud-In Bead Integration.
  • Can be Painted or Wallpapered to Blend with the Surrounding Ceiling/Wall.
  • Removes the Need for Unattractive Exhaust Fan Covers.
  • Simplified Cleaning - Release Tray for Convenient Access and Maintenance of the Exhaust Fan.
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